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Bad News – WhatsApp Status Ads Coming Next Year

You just can’t escape it even when you try to, because Facebook company will always eat from ads. Just like we earlier posted, WhatsApp Ads is coming next year.

According to a tweet by an attendee of Facebook Marketing submit, advert will start showing on WhatsApp’s status page starting from next year 2020.

Facebook will tailor recommended ads on your WhatsApp stories suitable for your viewers. After all, some of you are not using your story, but will prefer to view other people’s stories. I don’t like ads on WhatsApp, you don’t like it either but there’s nothing you can do about it at this time.

WhatsApp will join fellow Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram in running adverts through its Status feature.

And also, Business Catalogues will be integrated into the app that allows business to showcase their goods so people can easily discover them.
Hmmn, this will get of hand to many people, believe me most people hate ads because of its disturbance especially for app.
Let me guess, ads won’t make your dish your WhatsApp messenger for Telegram…

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