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How to outrank your competitor on the same article (5 ultimate guide )

Outrank your competitor on google search engine
Every blogger want to rank well on google search engine but don't really know what to do. You published your articles some years back up till now you've not arrive google 5th page.

Are you part of those suffering from search engine traffic due to lots of competition on the internet? Worry less, I've gat your back.
In this article I will be giving you my ultimate guide on How to outrank your competitor on the same article

Table of content

  1. List out the blogs you wish to outrank
  2. Create 10x content
  3. Smart link building
  4. Tag Hierarchy .. That is ; H1, H2, H3, br, tb, p e.t.c Very important for on page SEO.
  5. Improve social media presence

    With this Tutorial I'm giving, you don't need any keyword research because your competitor have done it already.

    1. List out the blog you wish to outrank

    Let's assume you run an education niche. That is, you blog on educational news or educational topics. The first thing is to find out bigger blog still on your niche (Education)
    Every big blog will have at least 3 articles that generates more than 30% of its entire traffic (just 2 - 3 articles)
    If  you use keyword rank, it will only tells you keyword but will never show you the real articles which bring traffic. So how do you find this article?

    Straight to the point again, you need Alexa not the old Alexa oo because Alexa has upgraded. So the steps are simple:
    List out at least 10 blogs you're aspiring to get their kind of traffic. Their URL that is; 
    Visit name of the site. 
    You get it? GOOD!
    I will use netnaija as an example
    Let's find article that brings in 10% or more of their traffic.

    You see that get most of its traffic from BRANDED SEARCH!

    It's name alone generate 21% of it's traffic. Not a good example
    Let's try
    See the main traffic bring terms
    Just two (2) Articles brings in 50% of his traffic. So next things to do is to visit the site
    Wow... See a beautiful blog!

    When you get there, locate the search bar type in the first keyword you saw ealirr on Alexa

     2. Create 10x Content

    What i meant by this is that you should try and create a better version of your competitor's content.
    The next step is to create your content. But you have to make sure that you are providing much better information and also in a better way than your competitor.
    You can copy your competitor post to MS word and count his words. If he wrote 1500 words, then your own should be something around 2000 and above.
    When writing your article note these:

    • Always give a details about your topic, go in deep and explain all the terms
    • Make your content more detailed in length. If your competitor writes 1500 words endure to give more than that (2000 - 2500 words)
    • If you run ads on your blog, don't full your page with ads
    • Give image/ infographics to illustrate on your explanation for visual stuff.
    • Make your article straight forward. You should also try and use correct and simple English.
    Another things to do is to look at his article structure and capitalize on his mistake.

     3. Smart link building

    Link building is also part of the essential aspects to note if you really want to outrank your competitor on the same article.

    If your competitor article has 20 link then yours should be 24 links.
    If you have time, count both internal and external links and note them down. If he's on WordPress, check his thumbnail and tags.
    So what you do here are;

    • Write two (2) articles and inter-link them together,
    • Work with bloggers on your niche and enrich your post with a good backlink from higher domain authority
    • Remember to add that particular article to webmaster console.

     4. Tag hierarchy

    Remember if you want to optimize your article 
    H1, H2, H3,
    br, tb, p etc should be in a sequence.
    Tag hierarchy is also one of those things article rank well on google search engine.

     5. Improve social media presence

    So your last step is to improve your social medias presence. Create your SEO profile on social with higher DA and PA like Facebook, Linkedin, pinterst, vk, WhatsApp, cripple and Disquis e.t. c
    You don't only focused on one social media for traffic instead try and create many social media presence so that if one crash another one will be functioning.
    All the articles your sharing there may not be read oo but will serves as exposure.


    This method works no matter how bad ass your competitor.. I must warn you though, don't target big blogs for start. Only target medium rank blogs with DA less than 50.
    You can check DA here

    Thanks for reading!
    I think with all these you could be able to outrank your competitor

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