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5 steps on How to get AdSense approval within 10days

Hello readers, we all know that google AdSense is the best for bloggers because is the contextual advertising network so am going to teach you some tips to get Google AdSense approval within 10days. Its very simple, just keep reading..
Step1: go to blogger.com and create your blog with your gmail account.
Click here to read on how to create a blogger.

Step2: here is how to set up a custom domain for your blog, after creating a blog in blogger.com, www.your blog name.blogspot.com would be your domain name. To get rid of dot blogspot.com you need to hire a domain name like dot com, dot co, do ng and so on, I recommend domainking for you. If you don't know how to get a domain, read my previous post for setting a custom domain on blogger dot com.
Step3: Niche for your blog, if you want ti get approved between 10days you need to choose a best niche for your blog, I suggest Education, because Education is the best topic , best news for your blog to get approval from AdSense team.
Many people uses this topic and it really works for everyone.
Step4 : Post contents to your blog, here i suggest you to publish 4 posts daily and each of your posts should contain at least 1000words. And this is the reason why have been gotten disapproved, so you need a good contents for your blog to get approval.
Don't copy and paste other blog contents.
Publish post daily for seven days.
 Step5 : Apply for AdSense, to apply for AdSense, its very simply. Just go to blogger dot com, when getting there locate earnings on your dashboard click on sign for AdSense and type in all the requisite info they requested for. Click on submit application by this you've successful apply for AdSense. After 24hours, 2day, or 3days you will receive a msg from AdSense team that your application was not approved due to insufficient contents, worry no more what you will do now is to complete the 10days if you can recall i told you is based on consistence publishing for 10days, and you've already apply for AdSense with a post you used 7days for, so by now you'll complete your 10days.
After you've submitted your application on the 10th day, in the 24hours, 2days, or 3days it depends sha, Google AdSense team will send a message to your mail to inform you that your application has been fully approved.
Thanks you for all the time for visitation.
Our next topic, we gonna discuss on how to boost your AdSense earnings.
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