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How to become a successful blogger within a month (Newbie)

Many have been so curious on how they can become a successful blogger. Is not a hard task it just requires consistency in the field. Below am going to discuss how you can become a successful blogger within a month.
The Tips you're going to learn today has been used by many bloggers and it really works for everyone.
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Firstly you need a gmail account, I.e you need to register an account with gmail, though if you already have an account you may use it, but I'll advice you to create an official account. After you've gotten your account registered, just login to (though there are lots of site that you can use but I recommend because its very simple to use.
On getting there,  Just click on create account, after clicking it would  take you to a page .  Here you need to be very careful, type in your title, title is just a description of your blog, type in your desire title and move on to blog name. when inputting it you should type it like this www.your blog after inputting your blogspot name, you might be lucky that the name choosen by you is available but if it isn't available just try and type something relevant
   After been successful you move on to template,I think you know what a template mean(theme) after choosing your template click on submit and your blog is ready to use.
   For easy and steady task you can contact me on 08103856846,to help you create a beautiful blog and still tutor you
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