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New Theory Over Death Of 23-Year-Old Porn Star Emerges.

A new podcast chronicles the weeks leading up to last year’s mysterious death of adult film star August Ames, raising questions about what actually led her to take her own life.

     August Ames

The death of 23-year-old Ames, whose legal name was Mercedes Grabowski, was previously attributed to cyber bullying after she tweeted her displeasure over being cast to shoot a scene with a man who had done gay or ‘crossover’ porn.

But journalist Jon Ronson raises the possibility that it was her final shoot that pushed her to her sexual limits, and ultimately over the edge, in a new ‘Serial’-style podcast called ‘The Last Days of August’ which will be released on Audible on January 3.

After reviewing the footage of a scene shot six weeks before her death on December 5, 2017, Ronson told the New York Post:

‘When you think about it, what we were watching in that moment was the moment that she decided to die. That’s what we were watching and it’s awful.’

Ronson said he was confident in making that statement after he and producer Lena Misitzis gained access to text messages sent by Ames following the shoot with 30-year-old Russian Markus Dupree, a porn star known for ‘domineering’ productions, according to the Post.

Both Ronson and Misitzis described viewing of the footage of Ames’ scene with Dupree as the most difficult part of the podcast project.

‘On more than one occasion in the footage, Markus forcefully repositions August, which visibly startles her,’ Misitzis says in the final episode of the podcast.

‘She says “Whoa sh*t!” and at one point Markus picks up her pink thong, stretches it around her head, jerks her around by it, and then shoves it in her mouth.

‘At the end of her scene, August is interviewed by a crew member to establish consent for legal purposes. She’s staring straight into the camera, holding up her check for the day’s work, her makeup’s gone and her hair is pulled back, she looks resigned and emotional and hollow all at once. “Were you treated OK?” she’s asked. And flatly, and quietly she says, “Yes.” For the first time in this footage, all the camera is focused on is August’s face and she seems like she’s verging on tears.’

The podcasts notes Ames’ usual style was upbeat and energetic, and nothing like the dark video the journalist and producer watched, shot with Dupree.

Ronson said, ‘That was the moment when she reached the point of no return.’

A survivor of childhood sexual trauma, Ames conquered the adult entertainment industry after moving to Los Angeles on her own, shooting nearly 300 scenes in her five-year career.

She was nominated for Female Performer of the Year three times at the Adult Video News Awards, which are the equivalent of the Oscars for the adult film industry.

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