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5 Essential Commands you should Teach Your Dog

It is of good idea to teach your dog some essential commands for easy recognition of owner. As you know, there exist various types of dog. 
So Obedience training or giving your dogs commands can be a very rewarding experience for both dog and owner.
Are there times when your pooch is uncoordinated, won’t listen to you or is obstinate to instruction and commands, this post is structured to help you with these tips on obedience training and also essential commands to teach your dog.
These essential commands can save the life of your precious dog.
Before I go into any sort of command, it is important that you form a bond with your dog.
It is essential that your dog must be able to respond to its name, at all times. Let’s say you are taking a stroll with your dog on a busy road and unfortunately the leash comes off. The dog has the tendency to run off and get run over by a vehicle, but a simple name calling can get the dog to focus on you to enable you gain control of the dog.
Essential commands to teach your dog

Tips to get a dog Respond to it’s name.

1) Give your dog an easy name. A name with a vowel sound in it is most appropriate
2) Always reward your dog when it comes when called. Remember that dogs live for affection and attention. This could be used as viable rewards to establish and reinforce good behaviour.
3) Never hit your dog when it comes to you after you call its name. This is because if you hit the dog after it comes when called, the dog will associate responding to its name with negativity.
Now we have established the importance of “name and responding to name” we shall proceed to elaborate on 5 essential commands to teach a dog. These include -“come”.
-” drop it ” or “leave it”

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