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What business can i start with N50,000 in Nigeria? A must read article that answer the question-- DailyGgist

Below are some business you can actually start with N50,000 or even lesser in Nigeria:
Market place
Many people believe that one cannot engage in business except one has sufficient capital. While this may be true for medium or large scale business, it is not necessarily true for most small scale business which one may embark upon in the comfort of one's home. Many people think about the money before starting the business and since money is not always easy to come by, such people never come close to actually doing any business. It is sometimes difficult to identify viable business, but that precisely is the beginning of starting a business.

So therefore, DailyGgist has gave answer to the question; What business can i start with N50,000 in Nigeria.
You know, it's not new to us that in Nigeria there are only two ways you can legally become a multi millionaire.
Is either you're a politician or you engage your self in a lucrative business. Any other things you do without these two stuff is illegal way of making money like doing yahoo you know all this scam stuffs na. But if i say business, it doesn't only entails buying and selling but also mean what occupation you're doing in which goods and services are produced and sold in return of money. And it is carried out on a regular basis with the prime objective of making profit.
An example is Toshmoney CEO of DailyGgist that updates his blog post regularly for his audience satisfaction and in return, he's making his own profit. So its not until you have a shop or working place that you can be considered as a business person.

As a Student who is still in higher institution or an unemployed graduate, you need to start doing some stuff that will surely brings you some income in other to avoid temptation. Now, let's go into the main point. But before we go, do you even know what Nature a business is? Yes.... Uhn,No... ! OK let's ignite more light on that;
"A business is an entity that is both commercial and social, which provides the necessary structures to achieve the central objective of trades in good and services." There's need to understand that institutions or organizations whose primary objective is profit-making are generally known as business enterprises. So the success of any business regardless of its size depends on how well its management is able to plan.
The essence of business is to satisfy individual wants by providing variety of goods and services through wide networking of business activities. Lecturers teach in the lecture rooms, farmers work in the farmlands, workers work in factories etcetera.
Now that you've learnt what business really entails, I'm going to recommend some lucrative business you can start with just N50,000 or lesser in Nigeria. Let's go ...

Yes..., working as an online marketer is a good lucrative business which is of many ways;
  1. Blogging stuff
  2. Bulk sms, and lots more
Blogging: Through blogging you can earn a good money in lots of ways like placing advert on your website either direct ads or Google ads. You can read on our articles that explain Another Great ways of making Money Without Google AdSense But before you can start making money on your blog you need to set up some crucial things like Search engine optimization SEO, build the site DA (Domain Authority) PA (page authority) 
Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). ... Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, including linking root domains and number of total links, into a single DA score.
Blogging is easy once you have the experience or you have a person that can teach you in details. But for an easy task you can just hire a freelance who will help you set everything up and within some weeks everything is ready.

How do you monetize in blogging?
You can earn from your blog through the following ways:
Google Ads placement, Sponsor ads from company/industry and so many ways. Even if you later start-up another business it is very easy for you to make it known to your audiences/visitors. Sponsored ads in the sense that people come to your DM and ask you to place their business banner on your website which they pay money in return. Either weekly monthly or yearly.
Google AdSense is a contextual advertisement network brought by Google in which when you apply and they fully approve your, they place ads on your site and you earn an income base on your efforts. You can check here for : 5 steps on How to get AdSense approval within 10days
So its advisable to hire a freelance if you want to earn quick on your blog and you don't have a good idea on web design and web developing. Direct ads will come when your SEO is of standard one.
Bulk SMS : According to some Bulk SMS expert, potential for profitability in bulk SMS is high in Nigeria because its usage is in tandem with the growing number of GSM users in the country.
Business managers, marketers and advertisers are becoming the regular use of Bulk SMS to reach both existing and prospective customers. They prefer the bulk SMS of the following reasons: 
  1. Bulk SMS reaches individual customers directly and deliver message to the right targeted people.
  2. Bulk SMS create room for business to have rewarding engagement with their customers.
  3. It enable automatic dissemination of information that may be important to groups, customers e.t.c
  4. Bulk SMS is the most popular medium of marketing and advertising business nowadays.
  5. It generate quick sales leads and increase a business chance of making profit.
Last one, in just few click, bulk SMS can pass information and urgent message to specific group or category of cist at the right time, with less stress and low cost.
Types of bulk SMS
We have two type of bulk SMS which are;
Promotional bulk SMS and Transactional bulk SMS.

How to start Bulk SMS business in Nigeria:
So if you'd like to venture into bulk SMS business, follow the steps below
  1. Register with a bulk SMS whole seller or service provider.
  2. Buy custom SMS units
  3. Customize your SMS reselling platform
  4. Help people promote their business
  5. Reach out to potential customers
  6. Choose your service provider.
Another  business opportunity which you can start with N50,000 in Nigeria is POULTRY FARMING (Livestock) 
Poultry farming involves rearing certain livestock for the purpose of making profit. Here, we give you hint on some livestock business you can startup with amd that will bring you fast money;
Rearing of day old chicks to 3 or 4 weeks: if you'd like to go for poultry farming this one is the best and at the same time is the worse. It's depends on how you make use of your opportunity.
It's the best because you buy it at a low price and sell it off a good price. Chicks don't consume much food like that of 4 - 12 weeks old. And its said to be the worse one because you make sure you give them some daily vaccine and also routine like checking on their body temperature.
How to start?
Yes, 50k can start the business if you know what you're doing.
First thing to do is to meet an expert in the field or get EBook for the stuff if you know nothing about it before.
Secondly, you build up their house and order for the number of your choice.
Monetization aspects
Though its a seasonal business but it is very easy to market. You can sell it off to people that will raise them to 2-3 months.

Rearing of Turkey: Turkey is often rear for breeding, consumption purpose. But engaging in Turkey business is also lucrative.
You can Start with 2female turkey with a male, bet me before the year run out they will start producing young ones (reproduction occurs)
Monetization aspects
For quick money, you can decide to start selling their eggs out for consumption, but it is advisable to let it hatch so that it will in breeding and be of more profitable.
You can sell for hotels, for people during festival and so on.

Home laundry services
There are some business which we don't note in Nigeria that's really has many benefit income. One of it is laundry services.
This doesn't require you to rent an office space, its a thing you can set up in your house and start making big money.
Monetization aspects
With that your 50k, you can establish this business by;
Buy a washing machine
Buy a good iron and start making money big time!

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