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Blogging: A very great way student can start making money

Blogging is considered as a way where by people showcase their talents and also a very great way to communicate to many people through the internet.

People blog for so many reasons but as a students who is still collecting money at home, I'll advise you to start blogging before you become so old to the extent you won't be given money at home again.
Blogging is not hard, it is very easy when you take time to study the techniques.
At first you may face some challenges but get ready to fight it. I have seen alot of people living a standard life with blogging.
Example are Linda ikeji (, Seun Osewa (, Makinde Azeez ( and my mentor in India, Neil Patel ( etcetera.
All these people are making good money with their blog in numerous way.

Not all students know they can make money while still studying. Even few people that know it don't have a good business idea.
With this article you'll be guided on How to become a successful blogger within a month (Newbie)

How to Make Money with Your Blog ?

Seriously, its a good idea to monetize your blog when you see you've started driving lots of traffic to your site. Meanwhile you can monetize your blog through the following steps:

  • Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads. One of the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site. Either Google AdSense or any other contextual advertising network.
  • Sell Private Ads. Private ads as in, you sell your ads space. This start working well when you start getting traffic from search engine.
  • Include Affiliate Links in Your Content. Yes, affiliate marketing is also a good idea. You can actually make nice amount of money. But it quietly depends on your niche..
  • Sell Digital Products. 
  • Use it as a Content Marketing Tool for Your Business. You can just decided to create blog for your business and start making cool money.
  • Sell Memberships. 
  • Use it to Build Your Credibility. 
  • Share the Infographic.

What do I need to start my blogging career ?

As I've told you earlier, blogging don't really require much amount of cash, you can actually start a blogging with at least $20 (Approximately to N7000 Nigeria money)
But mistake most people do is when they choose their niche.
Firstly what is a Niche in blogging?
To me, Niche is like a Subject a blogger choose to be discussing in his/her blog.
Choosing a Niche blog is a good idea than deciding to go for multi-Niche blog.
If you really mean business, you should do your research on the perfect niche you can actually make good amount of cash.
Below are my top 8 niche that works for everyone:

  1. Educational blog: This niche is of numerous ways, but you can decided to do everything under this together. Either you setup a blog you will tutoring people online or blog on anything educational like; Scholarship update, admission update etc. Another one is giving out
  2. Fashion blog
  3. Agric blog
  4. Parenting blog
  5. Home Doctor
  6. Frugal living
  7. And Health blog.
Below are what you really need as a student to start up a blogging business:
  • You need a smart phone/laptop
  • You need a good browsing network
  • Y

Do I need to be a pro computer operator before i can start blogging?

No, you don't need that. Just keep on searching the internet on what you're not clear of, or you check our contact us page and send us a direct message.

How long do I need to wait for before start making money on blogging?

Everything has been made easy by Google. You will start making money on your blog when you start driving lots traffic.
This is so easy, though seems hard at start but when you have a well written articles and you set every SEO (search engine optimization) method well.
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