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Revealed! How Women Looking For Extra Cash Sell Their Dirty Panties Online.

Pervert shoppers online are paying for are dirty panties worn by stay-at-home mums and women looking for extra cash. Ebay, an online auction site has become awash with listings of ‘little lace pre-owned panties’ and ‘unlaundered stained undies’, selling for as little as £5.
A sweaty thong that had been worn for two days – including at the gym – saw bids of thousands of pounds before it was removed by eBay chiefs.
Many of the listings show the sellers wearing the underwear in pornographic poses – while others just include snaps of the knickers.
One teenager admitted she only began her naughty selling foray this week to boost her salary working in childcare.
The 18-year-old listed a size 12 pair of white and turquoise knickers that had been ‘worn for 48 hours and played in multiple times’ with a starting price of £5.10.
“I started doing it mainly just for the money as at the moment I earn less than £5 an hour,” she told Mirror Online. “So I thought it would be easy, especially as you can buy a pack of underwear for like £2. I am quite excited to see the potential of what I can earn by doing this. “I feel like if I don’t really think about who could be buying it it’s kind of okay.”
The teen admits she is terrified of her employees finding out but takes steps to avoid the knickers being linked to her.
eBay has banned the sale of used underwear and its team ‘works quickly’ to remove items that breach rules. But it was discovered women are still able to thwart regulations and list their ‘pre-owned panties’.
A woman from Manchester put her size 8 red lacy thong up for sale with a whopping starting price of £650. She was also charging £1.50 for them to be sent via Royal Mail in a ‘large letter’.
In the crude description she writes: “I am a young lady. Was on during intercourse and never taken off. Will wear until bought.”
Another woman from Edinburgh also encouraged only ‘serious buyers’ to bid on her pink and black pants.
She also put a starting bid of £650, plus £1.06 postage, and boasted in the description of being suitable for ‘high class customers’.
The listing added: “The scent of a woman is nothing but sensual and arousing.”
Another read: “Pre-loved, condition is used (60 hours unwashed), some staining.”
An eBay spokesperson said they do not allow the sale of used underwear for health and hygiene reasons.

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