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7 possible ways to get a job after graduation in Nigeria

Check out the seven channels you can use to land yourself a job in Nigeria.

Graduating with a good grade does not guarantee a good job in Nigeria. (Gist Us)

The days jobs await Nigerian students before they graduate are long over. Undergraduates now need to understand what it takes to get a job before writing their final papers.

Graduating with good grades, acquiring some marketable skill set and having an incredible CV are not enough to get you the job you desire. You'll also need to make use of certain platforms to land yourself a good job.

Exploring these seven ways could land you a job earlier than you expect.

1. The media

The mass media usually announce job vacancies. (Fast runner) 
You can get to know about an opening in a company through the media. Business establishments use the mass media to announce vacant positions in their companies. 

2. Recruitment agencies / Job sites

Submitting your CV to job sites like Jobberman and other popular recruitment agencies can quicken your job opportunities. You need to be familiar with these sites and learn how to use them. The recruitment agencies can also help you rewrite your CV and make it perfect credential for the job you desire.

3. Employers websites

If there a company you really wish to work for, then you must always check the company's website. Employers often put up vacancies on their websites, You can also check their social media pages too for information about vacancies. And when you see WE ARE HIRING, don't hesitate to apply.

4. Personal contacts

A survey conducted by Stutern shows that graduates are ten times more likely to get a job through their personal contacts than their academic institutions. This is why it is important you network well in and outside of the school. Attend events, meet people and get their contacts.

5. Social media/ Networking sites

Social media (Marketing Land)
Many Nigerians graduates have been able to secure employment opportunities by selling themselves on Twitter and other social networking sites. In November 2017, a jobless first-class graduate of Ajayi Crowther University was offered a job after announcing her joblessness on Twiter.

6. Internship

Internship is another way to land a job. This is why you shouldn't joke with your internship period. When you are interning, give it your best, the company might decide to retain you and offer you a job after your graduation.

7. University/ Polytechnics employment

One of the best ways Nigerian tertiary institutions reward their graduates is to offer them a job in the institution. Outstanding students are often retained by their departments to begin their career in academics.

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