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Business Name Registration in Nigeria (2019 Process)

Business Name Registration in Nigeria is a very important requirement for every business due to the restrictions you will come across without it.

Straight to the point, Today i’ll be guiding you on how to register any business (Private or Public) in Nigeria via the internet.

Business Name Registration in Nigeria (2019 Process)

STEP 1: Register on CAC (Corprate Affairs Commision) Portal

Visit CAC registration portal: Click Here and fill in all the data that is asked of you. Note: if you don’t have National ID card then ignore it while registering.

STEP 2: Confirm CAC (Corprate Affairs Commision) Portal Registration

After filling in the information on Step 1, you will be sent an Account activation link to the Email you used to register.

Click on the activation link ( The blue text ) and your account will automatically be activated.

STEP 3: Login to (Corprate Affairs Commision) Portal & Select “Public Search”

before you can get a business to use for registration you need to use the “Public Search” directory site to know if its available.

Click Here to Visit the Public Search Portal

Enter the name of your business and click search.

If no name appears below or some names that are similar but are not exactly your business name, then you can go ahead to the next step,

Else, you would need to choose a new business name, they wont approve you using an existing name, take note.

STEP 4: Login Back to (Corprate Affairs Commision) Portal & Select “Reserve A Name”

Now, the process is straight forward. before you can register your business via CAC dashboard, you need to pay for “Reserve a Name” service which will help you claim two names.

As of when writing this post, the price for “RESERVE A NAME” is just N500. Do note thst you wil pay more than that as the payment system being used is REMITA.

So click on “RESERVE A NAME”

There are 5 steps of registration. Just fill the information for each step and goto the next one.

Select “BUSINESS NAME” as classification if your trying to register a business.

If it is a company then select your classification as “COMPANY“.

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As for Proposed name just input your Preferred Name of Business and click Save.

Select “New Incorporation” for “Reason for availability search” and Select your business category (what your business is about or under) for “Nature of Business“.

You can leave additional remark empty.

Enter all the details here. Do note that you’ll need A National ID Card or Permanent Voters Card to fiil Step 3 before you can proceed to the next step.

Click Proceed to Payment

Click “Pay via Remita” and thats it.

After your payment has been confirmed, it will take less than 48 hours to get an Email of Success (Needed before you do the final Step of registering your Nigerian Business) from CAC.

After you have paid and you receive the “SUCCESS EMAIL“, Click Here to check if your NAME was approved.

Select the Reserved name you paid for and Click “APPROVAL NOTE“.

In the Downloaded “NAME APPROVAL” file is your “AVAILABILITY SERIAL NUMBER“.

STEP 5: After Getting “Reserve A Name” Successful Email + Availability SERIAL NUMBER, visit (Corprate Affairs Commision) Portal & Select “Pre-Incorporation Registration”

Just input your Availability Serial Number and fill in the remaining information.

You will be asked to pay a sum of money (N10,000 for Businesses) depending on your company information.

After you pay you’ll be able to access some documents.

After getting to this point, to complete your Registration here is a PDF that will guide you with the remaining processes:

How much is business name registration in Nigeria?

It cossts a Total of N10,500 to Register Business in Nigeria.
5,000 Naira for Reservation Of Name
10,000 Naira for Business Name Registration

Some additional fees might be attached but thas the Sum.

If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to Comment Below.

Thanks for Reading.
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