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Jumia Jforce: How it Works ( Make Money )

What is jForce 2019
Jumia Sales Consultant Scheme also known as Jumia JFORCE, just like Jumia affiliate marketing is another Program jumia is using to create more jobs for youths in Nigeria.
Jumia Jforce is a program aimed at empowering and enriching entrepreneurs all over Nigeria.
The program rewards registered members with commissions for each item ordered and sold through them.
The program also offers free training for members after they register.

How Does Jumia Jforce Work?

  1. Register as a Jforce Member
  2. Find People In Need of Jumia Products
  3. Order on Their Behalf
  4. Receive Commission from Each Successful Order

Register As A Jforce Member

To register for Jumia Jforce is really straightforward, you don’t need to pay any registration fee as its a completely free platform.
Follow the Steps Below;

Step 1

Register for Jumia Jforce 2019
Visit Jumia Jforce Registration Page Here and enter your Email address then click on Create Jforce Account.

Step 2

Register for Jumia Jforce 2019
Click on “JOIN” to proceed to the next screen.

Step 3

Register for Jumia Jforce 2019
Fill in this Form with your:
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number (Important)
  • Gender
  • State
  • How you were Recruited
And Click Next

Step 4

Register for Jumia Jforce 2019
Fill in this form with your Banking Details and make sure its correct, this is the account you will be paid to.

That’s all, if you successfully followed each step you should see your dashboard like the one below.

Find People In Need of Jumia Products

After registration, the next thing to do is to start find customers who are willing to order for products on jumia through you.
This can be tricky at first but i’ve outlined a few ways you can get customers.

1. Via Social Media Advertising

Using facebook and whatsapp to advertise products you find on jumia can really be effective in terms of finding potential customers.
This is a form of Dropshipping in Nigeria, those who see the products might pay you driectly and then you order the product in their stead.

2. Via Paid Advertising

I know your trying your best not to spend any money on this program but this a really effective way to get conversions.
Using Facebook Ads is one of the cheapest ways to achieve this. With as low as N200 you can show selected products to over 1,000 people daily.
You need to create a legit facebook page and use your Jumia Sales Consultant title to show trust. another thing you can also do is try creating your own brand and affiliate it with Jumia just to increase trust and credibility with potential customers.
There are many other ways to advertise and it depends on which one you are ok with.

3. Ask Friends To Order Through You

If you have friends that normally buy new phones, wrist watches, cloths etc. Asking them to order through you is a sure way to get commissions for each new item they order for.
What i generally do is, i find cheap products on Jumia i know my friends would like to buy and increase the price a little.
If they agree to purchase it, i quickly order the product & get commission for it as well as an extra tip from hm/her.

Order on Their Behalf (Jumia.com.ng)

after getting customers the next thing to do would be to order, do note that the same way you order for normal shopping on jumia is the same way you order for a Jumia Jforce customer.
Infact, after registering every purchase you make even if its personal you get a commission for. Their is no special way to order jumia jforce orders.

Receive Commissions / Get paid

I’ve mentioned Jumia Jforce commission throughout this article but i’ve not really explained it.
Each product on jumia has a category and Jumia jforce offers commissions based on the product’s category.
commissions can range from 5 – 15% depending on the category.
if you ordered for a N33,000 phone for someone,you could get as high as N4,000 commission or more.
Do note: Also that your Jumia Jforce Level also influences Commission rates per category
Here’s a Full List of Jumia Jforce Commission Rate in PDF Form: Jumia Jforce Commission Grid Matrix PDF.

Jumia JForce Levels

Jumia Jforce levels bronze captain
Jumia Jforce ranks and seperates beginner members from elite through Jforce ranks.
Having higher rank gives you better commissions per order in certain categories and gives you some privileges over others.
Just like in the infographics above, Jumia JFORCE offers levels from PROHABATION to CAPTAIN, each having its advantages and rewards.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you can comment below.
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