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Top 5 Dropshipping Websites in Nigeria

Are you planning to start dropshipping in Nigeria but don’t know exactly where to dropship your products from or to? or you already dropship but your looking for better options i.e where to showcase and market your products.

In this article is listed the top 6 dropshipping website in Nigeria as of 2019, each of these websitess might not directly support dropshippng but can also be used for dropshipping in Nigeria.

Top 6 Dropshipping Websites in Nigeria

Dropshipping with Jumia in Nigeria

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Jumia is considered as the Nigerian version of amzon, if you know about amazon then it should be clear to you how dropshipping works with jumia.

Jumia as a platform per se doesn’t expressly allow dropshipping ( To avoid their site turning into a dump site for dropship deals ) but in Nigeria, its the best option as its the most trusted platform.

To get started you need to register as a Jumia Seller via their VendorsHub platform and list the products you want to dropship while following all their guidelines.

Note: to successfully dropship on jumia, you need to be able to deliver very fast as jumia is strict on delivery time. Since you’ll be dropshipping its adviced to let your supplier know about jumia standard and Jumia packaging guidelines.
Dropshipping with Shopify in Nigeria

Shopify is a universal dropshipping platform, no matter what country you might be trying to dropship from, it will always suffice.

Shopify uses a different approach by providing dropshippers a personal store where they can upload products and easily dropship products, when using Shopify for dropshipping, you dont have to worry about maintaining your site technically.

You can easily create a Shopify Dropshipping store in Nigeria by paying a minimum of $27 (N10,500) per month for their basic plan.

Dropshipping with Oberlo in Nigeria

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