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What Business Can i Start With 5000 Naira / 5K

Starting a business in Nigeria for 5000 Naira is very possible, if you're a student or you just dont have much capital to start a business then this article will expose you to some small capital (Less than N5000 to start) businesses.

You can start these businesses with more than 5000 Naira, it really depends on how Large scale or Small scale you want to start them.

5 Businesses You Can Start With 5000 Naira
Bulk Sms Business
Blogging Business
Cloth Branding
Passport & ID card Making Business
Liquid Soap Business

1. Bulk SMS Business

Bulk sms business is a business that doesn’t require much effort or capital to start, in a day you could be earning anywhere from N1000 – N2000 when starting out.

This business is so easy to start that even with 5000 Naira you can get alot of customers and gain income.

There are many Bulk Sms website but i recommed BULKSMSNIGERIA because they are the best in terms of Bulk SMS Service.

Simply visit their site and register, use your 5000 Naira to fund your sms account and thats all.

After you fund your account, all you need to do now is let churches around you know about your services. Reduce the rates for them and you’ll earn money for life.

You can expand this business with time but with N5000 you can start and be successful.

2. Blogging Business

Yes, with 5000 Naira only you can start blogging business. There are many platforms where you can start blogging and the cheapest option is Blogger.com.

With Just 5000 Naira we can help you setup a standard Music, Entertainment or News Blog on Blogger.com (Design + Free Coaching).

If you decide to start business and select Music niche per se, then you can make money from promoting Music artist songs on your site as well as other monetizing oppurtunities (Adsense, Propeller Ads, PopAds etc.)

3. Cloth Branding

How many time have you come across customized shirts and apparels well, its very common. People tend to customize cloths due to certain events i.e Birthday parties, Graduations, Departmenal wear etc.

This business has a long list of possible customers and yes, you can start this business with just 5000 Naira.

Just find someone lese into the business near you and ask them to introduce you to their supplier. With 5000 Naira you can make a few samples, snap these samples (Make sure its really trendy and swaggy) and send them to all your friends on social media.

Announce your business, you can even take some samples to Secondary and primary schools, i promise you’ll get customers with time.

They pay you and you pay your supplier + the preferred design, that’s all their is to it.

4. Passport + ID card Making Business

Now your wondering how you can start this business with just 5000 Naira because of camera. Trust me, you dont need an expensive camera, your Smartphone camera is enough.

Passports don’t need quality camera because of its small size. All you need to do is to find a place near you where they print passports and ID cards and make a deal with the business owner for discounts.

Once you do that, just tell all your friends that you make Passports/ID cards and thats all.

5. Liquid Soap Business

Now there are two ways you can start this business, its either learn how to make liquid soap or you find someone who will supply you.

If you decide to learn how to make liquid soap then you’ll earn more, with just 3000 Naira, you can make about 10 – 11 bottles, depends on the quantity and quality of your product.

After you have made your products you need to market it, i would suggest you use branding because it will really help your businesss boom.

You can take it to Shops in universities and make supplying deal with them for long term income.

These are the Top 5 ideas i could think of, If you have more or you found this article useful then kindly drop a comment below.

Thanks for reading.
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